Many Care providers struggle with the CQC assessment process. The assessment system has changed and is now an evidence-based process that many providers are unfamiliar with, and who are experiencing the inspection for the first time under the new system.  Assessors are now focused on seeing evidence in practice of the policies and procedures you have in place; it is no longer enough to see the policies they want evidence that they are understood and in place in order to meet the CQC standards. Once a provider has received a bad score from QCQ this is now published online for all to see, and if recommendations from the CQC report are not met they can shut your service down. Remember once you have a bad CQC rating the report is available on the CQC website until you have your next inspection!

Training your staff is more important than ever as it is them who are likely to take part in the assessment process either in an announced visit or an unannounced visit from QCQ. 

What we can provide is specialist CQC Training for your Management Team, so that this can filter down to your staff and that everyone understands the CQC process and requirements.

  • Management Training including a dummy inspection, Pre CQC assessment of policies and procedures in line with CQC standards
  • Mentorship of how to get through the inspection with positive feedback from the assessors.
  • How to deal with CQC recommendations quickly as these are time limited
  • Mentorship for new or inexperienced managers of what the whole thing means to them, leadership development for management teams 
  • Safeguarding review and audit, policies and procedures, what constitutes an ALERT, reporting criteria, near misses, lead roles, internal plan, safeguarding audits.

Dianne Royce MBA

Dianne Royce MBA

Dianne has worked in health and Social Care for over 25 years. During this time, she has gained a wealth of experience in the sector from senior positions in Operational Management to working for many large Care providers on a range of Consultancy projects.  Specialising in operational management with a recent project being the opening of a specialised Mental Health Care home from start to opening the doors, including being registered manager within the updated CQC assessment process to gain a new service registration successfully. She has a wealth of knowledge about the CQC and their expectations of providers and how to get a good re view in areas of inspection