Infection Control

Date(s) - February 1, 2022
9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Care-FULLY TRAINED Ltd | Euxton

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Covering the key elements of infection prevention & control, this course will equip, inform and engage the candidate on the importance of infection control in the care setting.



Poor hygiene is often immediately evident to anyone visiting a care establishment or service user in their own home.  That includes CQC Inspectors and potential clients, who will all see the standards of hygiene as a reflection of the standards of overall care. Furthermore, both personal and physical cleanliness is of the utmost importance in environments where infections and germs can spread rapidly. Infection control is the responsibility of both the organisation and individuals alike.

The Infection Prevention & Control Training Course offered by Care-FULLY TRAINED meets all current legislation and training requirements, and through effective and engaging training techniques, aims to instils current industry best practise amongst all candidates.

The course content is both wide ranging and in depth, covering issues from biology to practical application. It is delivered in an engaging manner which will equip all staff, irrespective of vocational experience or education, to take responsibility for, and promote across the organisation, high standards of hygiene and infection control.


Course Contents

What Is Infection?
Infection Spread
Micro Organisms – Pathogenic & Non-Pathogenic
Types Of Micro Organisms
Localised & Systemic Infection
Growth Of Micro Organisms
The Chain Of Infection
A Susceptible Host
Signs & Symptoms Of Infection
Reporting Illness
Relevant Legislation
Precautions To Prevent Infection
Personal Hygiene
Human Sources Of Contamination
Hand Washing
Risk Areas In The Workplace




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