Date: 20/02/2020   Course Title:  MCA (dols)

Care-fullytrained, Euxton, Chorley, Lancashire, pr7 6tb, North west


Exploring the foundational requirement for excellence in person centred care through the correct application of the Mental Capacity Act together with Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, this course reveals how these legal statutes call care services to account in upholding the independence, dignity and rights of cared for individuals.


Some people are apprehensive of anything legal, especially something upon which they may not have a clear understanding. Care-FULLY TRAINED’s Mental Capacity Act 2005 and DOLS course seeks to eradicate any confusion or anxiety and clarify this foundational mental health legislation which plays such an important part in the day to day lives of cared-for individuals.

This course approaches the topic on the assumption that the candidate knows little to nothing about mental health legislation, and takes them through to the applied tasks of DOLS authorisation applications, person centred care, best-interest and the role of Independent Mental Capacity Advocates.

This course is very engaging and will allay any confusion or apprehension concerning the role of the Mental Capacity Act & DOLS in care settings.

Course Contents
A History Of Mental Health Legislation
Current Legislation
Mental Capacity Act 2005
Triggers For Mental Capacity Assessments
Mental Capacity Assessments
Decision Makers
Best Interests
Lasting Powers Of Attorney
The Court Of Protection
The Office Of Public Guardian
Advanced Decisions
Independent Mental Capacity Advocates (IMCA’s)
Section 127 Mental Health Act – Ill Treatment & Wilful Neglect
Deprivation Of Libety Safeguards 2007 (DOLS)
Relevant Safeguards
DOLS Key Responsibilities

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