Challenging Behaviour Training



Mandatory training course to support care staff in understanding, working with and managing challenging behaviour in various different care contexts.


Working in Health & Social Care means working with people who have complex and diverse needs, yet who may be limited in their ability to interact and express needs and emotions. Taking the candidate from the ‘grass roots’ of types of behaviour, Care-FULLY TRAINED’s Challenging Behaviour Course guides the candidate from basic definitions through to applied techniques within the various contexts Support Staff will find themselves facing daily.

Providing thorough explanations and encouraging open and honest interaction, this course will challenge the candidate to understand not only the individual, but also themselves, as this can be a catalyst which may influence, or even in some instances help cause challenging behaviour.


Course Contents

What Is Challenging Behaviour

What IS A Setting Event

What Is A Trigger

What Is A Flashpoint

Different Stages Of Behaviour

Common Challenging Behaviours



Staff Behaviours Which Can Cause Problems

De-Escalation Techniques

Diversion/Redirection/Distraction Techniques

Active Listening

Responding to Anger


Eating & Drinking Problems

Eating & Drinking Interventions

Repetitive Questioning

Excessive Walking

Environmental Considerations

Recording Challenging Behaviour

ABC Charts

Behaviour Support Planning