Diabeties Training


Supporting training for staff at all levels working with diabetic individuals. This course raises a general awareness of diabetes and then progresses into more depth holistically around working with the condition in a care environment.


The media inform us regularly that we are a nation of ever increasing weight and size. Added to this are the ongoing concerns over the amounts of salt and sugars in our food, coupled with ever-increasing sedentary lifestyles. Care-FULLY TRAINED’s Diabetes course aims to educate candidates from a ‘grass roots’ level of ‘what is Diabetes?’ through to applied dedicated management of individuals in respect of lifestyle, mediation and diet.

This is an applied yet in depth course which will bring a wealth of knowledge and resources for those working in a setting where diabetes is present or a concern.


Course Content

What is Diabetes

Type 1

Type 2

Signs & Symptoms

Risk Factors

Risk Reduction



Insulin Types, Management & Administration

Diabetes & Dementia

Care Planning

Hypo’s, Hyper’s & Respective Treatments

Blood Sugar Swings