Diet & Nutrition Inc Must Training



Meeting a requirement for mandatory annual training for care staff in diet and nutrition, this course highlights the essentiality of facilitating good diet management in a care setting.


One of the most foundation aspects of care practice is the correct and appropriate management and delivery of diet and fluids to the individual. Care-FULLY TRAINED’s Diet & Nutrition Inc MUST course is designed to educate and strengthen the knowledge and practice of care staff in this essential facet of support work. The course covers looks at the individual aspects of diet and nutrition and then brings it all together to underline the importance of a holistic approach when working with diet and nutrition in a care setting.

This course also addresses the importance of malnutrition screening awareness, and practically engages the candidates in referencing and using the Bapen Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST).

An enjoyable yet essential course for all seeking to engage in the nutritional wellbeing of cared-for individuals.


Course Contents

Legislation & Regulations

Developing A Strategy

What Is Nutritional Screening

What Is Malnutrition

Why Screen For Malnutrition

Groups At Risk f Malnutrition

Consequences Of Malnutrition


Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool

Dysphagia Support & Recommendations

Food Thickening

Managing Risks

Good Care Planning – Nutrition

Cultural Needs

Allergies & Intolerances

Protected Meal Times

Meal Time Equipment