End of Life Training



A training course which equips care support staff to provide care professionally and appropriately within the sometimes challenging, sensitive but deeply meaningful period of the end of a person’s life.


Care practice at the end of a person’s life will likely be some of the most sensitive, meaningful but scrutinized care which support staff will give through their careers. Care-FULLY TRAINED’s End Of Life Care course seeks to unravel and explore the many sensitive yet hugely important facets of this area of care practice. Looking at the individual, but also family and even the care support worker themselves, this course moves with candour and sensitivity through all relevant topics concerning preparation for end of life care, essential practices and responsibilities, understanding the process of dying and post event together with last offices.

We trust that by the end of this carefully designed course, candidates will feel more able, equipped and knowledgeable in working through end of life care in their respective settings.


Course Contents



Attitudes Concerning Death

Spiritual Concerns

Respecting Individual Beliefs

Physical Concerns

Psychological Concerns

Care-giver Concerns

Pain & Discomfort


Criteria For A Good Death

4C Approach To Needs

Government Reports & Strategies

Gold Standard Framework 7C’s

End Of Life Manifesto 2010

Care In The Final Stages

Indicators Of Pain

Clinical Signs & Symptoms Of Impending Death

Signs That death Has Occurred

Last Offices

Religions & Practices

Caring For The Bereaved Family

Carer Concerns