Epilepsy Awareness Training



Engaging and informative training course designed to equip support workers working with epilepsy to enable understanding, effective interaction and response to the condition in all its presentations.


Care-FULLY TRAINED’s Epilepsy course looks extensively at the condition, its various presentations, the impact upon both the person who has epilepsy and those supporting them. The course embraces recent changes to seizure classification, and covering medication, seizure management and response, will leave the candidate well informed and equipped to work skilfully with epilepsy.

Course Contents

What Is Epilepsy

What Are Epileptic Seizures

Facts & Figures

Terminology To Avoid

Causes Of Epilepsy

Types Of Seizures (New 2017 Classifications)

Where Seizures Begin In The Brain

Level Of Awareness During A Seizure

Motor And Other Symptoms In Focal Seizures

Describing Generalized Onset Seizures

Status Epilepticus

Living With Seizures

Recording Seizures

Responding To Seizures

Before, During & After A Seizure

Support With Tonic, Atonic & Clonic Seizures

Basic First Aid For Seizures

Epilepsy Treatment & Management


Sudden Unexpected Death In Epilepsy (SUDEP)

Epilepsy As A Journey