Equality & Diversity Training



With the aim of raising the candidate’s awareness of equality and diversity, this course covers the underlying principles, values and legislation which are associated with caring for an ever-more diverse society


In an ever changing society with increasing diversity of race, religion, culture and sexuality, the care sector needs to respond appropriately and show itself to be proactively sensitive to the wide ranging needs of an ever-broadening spectrum of service users.

The Care-FULLYTRAINED Equality & Diversity Training Course begins with the very basic principles of equality and diversity – the definitions and the common mistake people make of thinking it is ‘treating everyone the same’. The course then develops the vision of what best practice, effective working, communicating and supporting of others in a diverse setting should be like.

Introducing and explaining relevant UK laws and the role they play in setting workplace behaviours and standards, this course is highly engaging and will help candidates explore their own positions on this very relevant subject, and make clear the expectations of both law and the care sector as a whole.


Course Contents

Definitions & Meanings







Active Participation

Rights & Values

The Law