Falls Prevention Training



A thorough awareness of falls, their prevention and impact upon service users and services alike is essential when working with individuals – especially the elderly. This course takes the candidate through the whole spectrum of consideration and effective management of this key area of care practice.


Injuries from falls are the leading cause of accident-related mortality in older people, and account for over 4 million hospital bed places in the UK alone. Care-FULLY TRAINED’s Falls Prevention course introduces the candidate to the importance and key role which falls plays in affecting the health and wellbeing of the elderly.

Exploring causes, psychological and physical effects and much more this course will bring the importance of falls prevention and awareness to the forefront of the candidate’s mind, and equip them to respond effectively and compassionately to the challenges falls present in a care setting.


Course Contents

What Is A Fall

What To Do In The Event Of A Fall

Falls Causes

Falls & The Elderely

Fall Prevention

Falls At Home

Medication & Falls

CQC Regulation 12 Safe Care & Treatment


Risk Factors

Physical Effects

Psychological Effects

Alcohol & Substance Misuse

Falls & Bone Health