Fire Safety Awareness Training


In-depth course designed to engage the candidate, providing understanding and knowledge of the full spectrum of fire-related issues in a care setting. Includes prevention, response & escape.


A comprehensive and innovative course, Care-FULLYTRAINED’s Fire Safety Awareness draws on years of industry-related experience coupled with current legislative and procedural standards.

This course will lead the candidate through a variety of theory, understanding and applied scenarios to ensure they know the what’s, when’s and how’s of being confronted with either a fire directly, or an alarm activation in a care setting or private house.

Care-FULLYTRAINED appreciates that residential care facilities will need to have their own specific fire training needs met with bespoke variations to the standard fire training syllabus (for example on building zoning or escape routes), and so we offer either a standard course or a bespoke course tailored to your organisation’s needs. And are ready and willing to work proactively to ensure that the very best training is also the most relevant to their needs.


Course Contents

Reasons For Fire Training

The Law

Areas At Risk

Causes Of Fire

Fire Triangle

Sources Of Ignition

Sources Of Fuel

Sources Of Oxygen

Fire Spread – Convection, Conduction & Radiation


Organisational & Physical Fire Precautions

On Discovering A Fire…

On Hearing The Fire Alarm…

Fire Extinguisher Operation

Fire Extinguisher Types

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs)

Types Of Evacuation

Fire Evacuation Plan

Fire Doors & Evacuation Equipment

Post Evacuation Procedures