Mental Health Training


An impressively varied and thorough training course looking at the broad spectrum of mental health presentations, needs and considerations in today’s diverse society.


One in six UK residents are suffering from mental health-related issues at any one time. The health care industry is now extensively engaged in the growing need for the effective care of mental health across our nation. Be it homelessness, elderly, learning disabilities or any other areas of life in which mental issues arise, Care-FULLY TRAINED’s Mental Health course explores in depth the various facets of mental health care.

Beginning with an explanation of what mental health is, this course progresses through the various and many theories and conditions of mental health, yet with the practical application of role responsibilities clarified throughout. Care-FULLY TRAINED’s Mental Health course will support and encourage the candidate to apply what they have learnt and also embrace an interest in their ongoing development in mental health through practical experience.


Course Contents

Roles & Responsibility Of Staff

Mental Health Awareness

What Is Mental Menal Health?

Mental Health Prevalence

Mental Health Prevalence Amongst Homeless People

Homelessness & Access To Mental Health Care

Influential Factors

Typical Mental Illnesses

Symptoms Of Schizophrenia (Positive & Negative)

Psychotic Disorders


Bipolar Disorder


Personality Disorder


Avoidant / Dependent / Narcissistic / Obsessive-compulsive

Coping With Personality Disorder & Medication

Self Harm

Cutting / Repetition / Coping Mechanisms

NICE Guidelines

Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Effective Communication

Active Listening

Who’s Who In Mental Health

External Organisations

The Law