Person Centred Care Training



Essential baseline training for health and social care staff in all areas of care, this course unpacks the foundational topic of person centred care which has come to us through decades of sometimes difficult learning experiences. An impressively constructed course which covers an abundance of relevant topics.


At the heart of health and social care is the individual we support. Care-FULLY TRAINED’s Person Centred Care course brings together a wide and diverse appreciation of the importance of those in need of care.

Extensive analysis of care-planning, partnership working, dignity, consent and diversity is but a snapshot of the wide range of topics covered. Appreciation of accountabilities, legislation and role responsibilities, coupled with the right attitude and work ethic will largely decide the outcomes of the individuals we support. Care-FULLY TRAINED’s Person Centred Care course is an invigorating, challenging and engaging course which seeks to bring out the very best in care practise in any care setting.


Course Contents

What Is Person Centred Care

Care Plans


Influences Of Person Centred Care

Person Centred Values

Partnership Working


Active Participation

Identity, Self-Image & Self-Esteem

Equality & Diversity

Equal Opportunities


Person Centred Care Planning

Respecting Diversity

Person Centred Legislation

Person Centred Approaches In Complex Or Sensitive Situations

Person Centred Change

Person Centred Plans

Citizenship Rights

Other Ways Of Supporting Choice

Person Centred Risk Assessment

Recording Responsibilities