Personal Hygiene Training



Informative yet sensitive, the Personal Hygiene course raises awareness of the importance of both staff and service user personal hygiene levels, together with relevant implications and effective management.


Personal hygiene is exactly that – personal! A far-reaching topic which is often avoided and difficult to address and support, personal hygiene plays an important role in the care setting where staff are working primarily with other people in close, and often intimate proximity. Couple that with vulnerable individuals and lowered immune response, maintaining good standards of personal hygiene becomes paramount to the ongoing health and wellbeing of staff and residents alike.

Care-FULLY TRAINED’s Personal Hygiene course sensitively looks at the various aspects and priorities of good personal hygiene, as well as the reasons, situations and consequences of poor personal hygiene.

The candidate will complete this course with a heightened awareness of the importance of good standards of personal hygiene; both that of care staff and the vulnerable individuals being supported.


Course Contents

What Is Personal Hygiene

Why Is Personal Hygiene Important

Poor Personal Hygiene On Health & Wellbeing

Addressing Personal Hygiene Sensitively

Maintaining Dignity

Risks To Health In Supporting Hygiene Issues

Partnership Working In Personal Hygiene

Types Of Underlying Personal Issues & Appropriate Support