Prevention & Care Of Pressure Sores Training


Pressure sore training covering all aspects of awareness, prevention, management and risk factors of pressures sores within a care environment.


Sometimes referred to as ‘the bane of the care industry’, pressure sores will doubtless mean increased discomfort for the individual, as well as increased concern and workload for the service provider. Often avoidable yet potentially lethal and often seen as a commentary on care standards, sometimes unfairly so, it is imperative that support staff are trained to understand pressure sores, identify them at the earliest opportunity, respond and report appropriately and appreciate the factors which may have caused a pressure sore to develop.

The Prevention & Care Of Pressure Sores course will be guided through understanding the anatomy of healthy skin and then how and why pressure sores develop, through to responding and onwards support of the individual through recovery.

A visual course with candidate participation encouraged throughout, Care-FULLY TRAINED’s Prevention & Care Of Pressure Sores course will leave candidates equipped and clear about pressure sores and the correct relevant care practices.


Course Contents

Anatomy & Physiology Of The Skin

What Is Skin

Functions Of The Skin

Ageing Skin

Maintaining Healthy Skin

What Is A Pressure Sore

Pressure Sore Sites

Types Of Pressure

Risk Factors

Pressure Sore Consequences


What To Do If You Find A Pressure Sore

Risk Assessment

Pressure Sore Grading


Methods For Identifying & Recording Pressure Sores

The Waterlow Scale

Strategies To Prevent Pressure Sores

Pressure Area Care