Report Writing & Communication Training


If there is one course which could positively transform a care service in one move, this could be it..! Report writing and communication seeks to challenge staff in the many written and verbal interactions they partake in throughout the day. Looking at communication in all its facets, this course explains the importance and effectiveness of good written and verbal communication.


Care-FULLY TRAINED’s Report Writing & Communication course is aimed at exploring and challenging within the indispensable area of communication, be it formal written report writing to informal conversations with individuals over a cup of tea!

More than ever staff in the care sector are required to be open, transparent and articulate in their written and non –written communication with individuals, colleagues and other agencies within partnership working.

The recent Care Quality Commission Regulation 20: Duty Of Candour places increased accountability and duties on care providers to be frank, honest and accurate in their communications both internally and externally, especially in respect of their communications with outside agencies and individuals. The Report Writing & Communication course speaks directly into these requirements and sets to achieve an increased accountability, awareness and commitment from the candidate in their professional communicative interactions.

Course Contents

Data Protection Act 1998

Human Rights Act 1998

Freedom Of Information Act 2000

The Caldicott Principles 1997

The Computer Misuse Act 1990

The Data Protection Order 2000

Forms Of Communication


British Sign Language


Picture Communication Exchange System

Augmentative & Alternative Communication

Barriers To Effective Communication

Importance Of Record Keeping

Guidance On Handling Information

Records & Reports

Actions To Take When There Are Concerns

Incident Reports

Recording Behaviour

The Purpose Of Record Keeping

Good Practice In Record Keeping

Anti-Discriminatory Language

Importance Of Record Currency, Accuracy & Legability

Agreed Ways Of Working

Signing Of Records & Reports

Summary Report Writing

Storage, Access, Security & Confidentiality

Investigation / Review Reports, Template & Guidance