Safeguarding Adults Training



Designed to inform the candidate of precisely what their role is and is not, in a suspected abuse context, this course will educate the candidate to amongst other things, appreciate the potential signs and symptoms of abuse.


Arguably one of the most topical areas of Health and Social Care in recent years, safeguarding must be at the very heart of excellence in care delivery.

Recent abuse enquiries into care providers have highlighted the importance of creating the right ‘predominant culture’ throughout both an organisations’ management and also within the care team.

Care-FULLYTRAINED’s Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults Training Course intentionally challenges the candidate to consider their own attitudes, care procedures, and those of others around them.

An impacting course which makes no apologies for its candid handling of this crucial care standard, the Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults Training Course will engage, educate and equip your staff team to be all they should be and more, in safeguarding the welfare of residents.


Course Contents

Definitions Of Abuse

Hidden Voices: Older People’s Experience

The Care Act Six Principles

What Makes People Vulnerable To Abuse

Reducing Vulnerability

Legislation, Policies & Reports

Organisational Policies & Procedures

Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS)

What To Report When Suspecting Abuse

Handling Disclosures

Actions To Avoid

Whistle Blowing

Unsafe Practices

Resource & Operational Difficulties

Sources Of Information & Advice