The Role Of The Health & Social Care Worker Training



An ‘ab initio’ course designed to layout and explain to the candidate their role in all its various aspects and responsibilities


The bedrock of any position is knowing what your role is; its responsibilities, accountabilities and limitations. Care-FULLY TRAINED’s The Role Of The Health & Social Care Worker course begins with defining the differences between professional and personal interactions, and progresses on into explaining the importance of ‘agreed ways of working’, organisational policies and procedures, partnership working and resolving conflicts.

This course will guide the candidate through a number of areas of responsibility in working in health and social care, and at times, require them to look introspectively at themselves as a person with personalities, feelings and attitudes and how these can impact upon care services.


Course Contents

Relationships – Professional & Personal

Organisational Aims & Values

Understanding Your Role

Policies & Procedures

Agreed Ways Of Working

Principles Of Effective Team Work

Service User Relationships

Support Worker Responsibilities – Professional Relationships

Partnership Working With Other Professionals

Being Organised, Reliable & Dependable

Conflict Resolution

Accessing Support, Advice & Information