Care-FULLY TRAINED now offer the new Adult Care RQF Level 2 and Adult care RQF Level 3 QUALIFICATIONS introduced from 01/01/2018


Level 2 and 3 Diploma delivered in either workshop groups (including separate certificated short courses) or delivered on a one to one basis over 16-20 weeks!



  • No Functional skills (Maths and English)
  • Delivered over a short period of time only 16 weeks!
  • Delivered by Qualified knowledgeable assessors
  • Delivered in either workshop groups or one to one sessions
  • Full learner support
  • Not subject to the new government LEVY
  • Funded training through WDF
  • Low registration costs


  1. Must be a member of a local partnership
  2. Must be eligible on your NMDS-SC
  3. Must only ernrol learners who are eligible to claim back funding for units not already completed and funded by WDF.

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